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A Restraining Order Because We See The Problem

Who would have thought that a straight A, non-disciplinary child would be exiled by the principal from the only small town Neches TX school he has known because we want a certified teacher in his class. This is the beginning of the story. 

Three of seven school board members related. Superindent, he husband who got her hired without an application ? Hmmmmm 

We left. We have better things to do then fight. But what about the others who are not rich enough or strong enough to move? 

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Cancer ______

Scott’s mom is deep into this aggressive breast cancer. She has changed. As I sit with so much to put together my first notice is my laptop is gone. Okay, it’s my third notice. The boys traveled to Lana’s and they are gone. From the time I get up until the time I lay down my world is about how to create a better place for them.  Now I get to do it long distance. They travel here this weekend to pick me up. I’ll nest over at her house to assess needs, new study shelves for Caleb and new routines for Scott. This will be our new normal until …..well, until then.

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I Need My Christmas Break to Reorganize My Battle Plan

It’s been a rough ride but none the less I’m still here. Im so tired of putting my family second to work due to the time it takes to grade papers and prepare materials. Students don’t care and don’t see the sacrifice made. They used to care years ago. They used to appreciate being taught. Now they heckle, sleep, put music on, pull out their cell phones,  talk rudely at being redirected and then they can’t figure out why it would be disturbing when someone is trying to get them going on a lesson to have five or six students just talking away. iPads and cellphones have no place in a classroom. They are in need of real communication and hands-on learning. But they don’t want to learn and no one can entertain everyday for a group who doesn’t even understand why they can’t listen to music in their earphones while you teach. My greatest, evil joy is watching a new person to education become overwhelmed. No, they do not have a degree. The district felt it wasn’t necessary. You see anyone can teach. This new person knew everything and it would be easy. I think they’re considering going back to their first career. It’s not so easy.img_5152


Refinished Floor To Our Current Little Home And Hopes of Pushing Away Horrible Words

First I want to thank all of the awesome kind people I have met on WordPress. I have been hiding and cringing for the last two weeks on WordPress alerts. I have had the unfortunate experience of having some individuals being quite mean. I don’t understand it. It put me into a whirlwind and into a deep sorrow of doubting myself. People wouldn’t be mean unless something was justified, right? Right?

Well, with my precious husband and son off to the big city three hours away I decided to reseal and refinish our little cabin floor. It’s a one room home. The kitchen and bath area are beautifully tiled but the plywood floor covered in throw rugs was in need of sealing and refinishing.  



16 Years Old: First To Go To College in Her Family

As I drive one and a half hours out of town to a junior college with one student and my son at 4:30am on Saturday morning I reflecting on why this one is ALL worth it! She is 16 and sitting for her state boards to be a Certified Nurse Assistant. This is my third year to have this fabulous teenager as a student. She is polite, kind, helpful and determined to be the first in  her family to go to college. She takes care of her depression ridden mother and her two step-sisters. Her goal is to become a nurse so she can help others while earning money. She is a junior in high school and taking dual credit college classes already. She drives 25 minutes to her two step-sisters school to drop them off and then is at her high school by 730am. Did I mention she dresses and feeds and does homework and doctors appointments, etc. for her step-sisters? After getting everyone back home from school to be “watched” by her depression diagnosed mother, she then goes to work with the railroad until 11 o’clock at night to earn money for her family. This student “gets” that her mom is creating her own depression. This student ALSO gets what so many don’t : you can’t change someone. You just have to keep going in hopes they’ll figure it out when they see you make it. Without this students money from her railroad job, her family would not be able to pay the bills. God bless her and her future. I love you sweet girl! For obvious reasons are pic just shows me here.😔🚜🙀




It is now time for window and door frames! The timber for the window and door frames has already been milled and dried. This is what my hubby does full time with a business on the weekends. So can you find “Where’s Scotty B ” in the picture? Almost to the tenn foot wall of the first story!